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Geordie Shore television series journey line
11.01.2017 00:59

Geordie Shore is truly a British simple television series broadcast upon MTV. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, it was first over the air on 24 May 2011, and is the British version of the American show Jersey Shore."Geordie" is the regional nickname and dialect given to the people of the Tyneside area in north-east England, and is closely associated with the city of Newcastle and its environment where the show is set. Despite this, the show includes cast people from various parts of North East England.The initial combination of the actual show commenced airing with 24 May 2011 and concluded on 28 June 2011, consisting of six episodes. It was then followed by a reunion show hosted by Russell Kane where the cast discussed the series in front of an audience. This episode aired on 5 July 2011, and was followed by a Best Bits special which counted down the best moments from the first series in an episode airing 12 July 2011. The series included the turbulent romantic relationship of Holly (who entered the house three days late) and Dan coming to an end, the beginning of Gaz and Charlotte's ongoing love/hate relationship, and Jay and Vicky's rocky relationship. In June 2011, two summer specials based in Magaluf were announced. These episodes aired from 23 August 2011 to 30 August 2011. This was the only series to feature Greg Lake.A free series of the present started broadcast on thirty-one The month of january 2012 and concluded on 20 March 2012, consisting of eight episodes. Like the first series, this series included a reunion special and a Best Bits special episode. The series Geordie Shore was confirmed on 15 August 2011 when it was announced that Geordie Shore had been recommissioned for a second series with an extended eight-episode run.On 7 December 2011 it was confirmed the second series would begin on 31 January 2012. After the Magaluf specials Greg Lake announced he was to leave the show and not appear in the second series. Rebecca Walker and Ricci Guarnaccio were cast as replacements. The series featured Sophie and Joel's rocky relationship coming to an end, Vicky being torn between her boyfriend Dan and new cast member Ricci, Charlotte admitting she'd finally had enough of seeing Gaz with other girls, and the beginning of Holly and James. For series two the cast moved from their home in Jesmond to a new house in a converted warehouse on the outskirts of the city. In January 2012 the cast launched their own fragrance, capturing the essence of Newcastle. Titled L'eau De Geordie (the world's first ever kebab scented perfume), their spoof perfume was to mark the premiere of the second series of Geordie Shore online.


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